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Former school principal, Habitat founder dies at 89
One of his hobbies was woodworking and for some time he and Esther traveled around the country selling his hand-crafted toys at shows as well as ... Jess continued working with Habitat construction crews until the last few years.
Timothy R. (Tim) Becker
There, he built custom homes and built the Red lodge Mountain Midway Chalet after the original building burned down. Tim's Hobbies included restoring Pre-WWII Buddy L Toys. He enjoyed barbequing and cooking in the kitchen. Springtime always found him in ...
Lunch with the FT: Noam Chomsky
It contains items from Building 20, home to fundamental wartime advances in physics ... and a great-grandson who occasionally plays with the restaurant’s toy fire engines. Carol Chomsky, his wife and a fellow linguist, died in 2008.
New music products headed to some Ohio stores
The printers allow users to create objects ranging from toys, mugs, jewelry and even a rook with a stairwell and a double helix inside. Instead of putting ink on a flat surface like traditional printers do, the 3D printers melt plastic filament ...
Lessons from Google's 'unorthodox' workplaces
Google lets many of its hundreds of software engineers, the core of its intellectual capital, design their own desks or work stations out of what resemble oversize Tinker Toys. Some have ... "I lobbied for this building," he told me.
Your Students, Your Schools -- Des Moines south
Songs that will be featured include “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from “Toy Story,” “Colors of ... about themselves needs to go beyond hobbies, and even the way one reaches out for ...